San Gerardo de Dota, a picturesque city located in the Cerro de la Muerte, now Los Quetzales National Park, just 85 kilometers (52.82 miles) southeast of the capital San Jose on the Panamerican highway. This is one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica, it has an incredibly impressive habitat with an abundance of flora and fauna, it was created to protect a large area of cloud forests, rain forests and moors in this area that are within the most biodiverse areas of Central America.

San Gerardo de Dota is a small farming community located in the narrow valley of the Savegre River, a great place to fish for trout. The season here is in May and June, while lure fishing is at its best from December to March. Sitting at an altitude of 2,200 meters (7217.85ft.) above sea level, this city offers tourists the fresh mountain air, lush cloud forests and some of the best points of observation of birds in the country, so it is an unforgettable vacation destination

This amazing place is visited by birdwatchers, especially lovers Quetzal, one of the most famous birds of Costa Rica and one of the most attractive in the world.

The climate is warm and mild. There is rainfall throughout the year. This cloud forest has been declared by birdwatchers as the best place in the country to see the quetzal all year round, while in other forests in Costa Rica, the quetzal can be seen only in certain seasons.

Activities that can be done in the area: bird watching tour, and especially the observation of the Quetzal, Fruit Tour, Riding Tour and Tour of sport fishing.