Tortuguero National Park

This park is located in the northern Caribbean region of Costa Rica, between the Parismina and San Juan Rivers, on the border with Nicaragua. It is a popular destination for eco-tourists and adventurers.

Tortuguero National Park was created to protect nesting areas for turtles. It is a destination worth visiting – world famous for these turtles nesting on the beach.

Wildlife is abundant and varied – about 160 species of mammals, many of them endangered including cats, monkeys, sloths and manatees; 400 species of birds and 52 species of freshwater fish; including the gar fish, considered an endangered living fossil.

Tourism is the main economic activity of the area, followed by fishing and agriculture.

To reach the park you can go by boat, or by plane from San Jose. However, most hotels in the area offer packages that include transportation from San Jose by land and boat.

Tourism activities occur day and night: hiking, enjoying the sun and the beach, observing the biodiversity, boating or kayaking through the canals of Tortuguero, or enjoying typical local Caribbean life.