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Barrio Bites & Sights

Join this epic San Jose food tour for four hours of indulgent power eating, Costa Rican style! Get away from the touristy spots and discover the local neighborhoods (barrios) where the city’s best street food can be found. Get involved in the vibrant nightlife and party with the locals. Pura Vida!

Throughout this awesome San Jose tour, your local guide will give you insights into local gastronomic specialties and share the best anecdotes of the city’s history and local everyday life.

Your guide will lead you towards Barrio Amon and Aranjuez, the picturesque home to some of Costa Rica’s most historic buildings. Our first stop will be the Blue Castle, an elegant building that began construction in 1937.  Unfortunately, works had to cease when World War II broke out as most of the building materials were being imported from Germany and Czechoslovakia.

Our stroll will continue through the National Park and past the charming Atlantic Rail Road Station until we reach Barrio Amon. It is here that we’ll begin our foodie adventure, at a cozy little chocolate maker, who just happens to dabble in excellent Caribbean cuisine on the side. We will try a selection of traditional Caribbean dishes alongside some fine Costa Rican chocolate.

Our next stop is a hamburger restaurant where you’ll try a Costa Rican-style hamburger. Costa Rican burgers taste even better washed down with fruity sangria, so we’ll go and pick up one of those too!

We’ll then enter the Barrio Otoya, the multicultural heart of the neighborhood, to admire its street art. We’ll also spot the creepy House of the 7 Hangings and find out why it has such a macabre moniker.

Our next culinary pit stop is a typical cafeteria, where we’ll indulge in a coffee tasting that will definitely leave you feeling energized! Costa Rican coffee beans are some of the best in the world and your taste buds will find out why on this tour.

Next up is La Fabrica Nacional de Licores where you’ll learn about the popular pastime of producing homemade alcohol and why it used to be penalized. The locals’ favorite illegal tipple, guaro, which is made from sugar cane, used to be made in secret locales before being traded on the black market. We’ll pull up a chair here and try a few shots of our favorite local liqueurs.

Our walking tour will continue past historical parks and iconic local buildings, along a walkway known by locals as the ‘Lady Path,’ where you’ll see more graffiti and find out the meaning behind it.

Then, because we think the best way to get to know San Jose is to eat like a local, we’ll do just that, with a visit to one of our (and the city’s) favorite contemporary restaurants, mixing the charm of a lively neighborhood joint with delicious local food and a pinch of sophistication.

Your tour ends here but the night is young! Don’t hesitate to ask your local guide where to go next on your San Jose night out. Don’t forget either to ask for hints and tips on what else there is to see and do in the city during your stay.

Estimated departure from San Jose: 4:00 p.m. Estimated return to San José: 10:00 p.m.

So book go ahead and book this unique and enjoyable tour.

Child Policy:

Children between the ages of 6 and 11(25% off discount) inclusively are permitted on this tour

Children below the age of 6 are not permitted on this tour.

 – Transportation

 – Bilingual guide (English/Spanish)

–  Dinner

– Jacket

– Walking shoes